H1ghSky1 is a professional Fortnite streamer. He has almost a million followers on YouTube and 500,000 followers on Twitch, a live-streaming platform for gamers. He competes in gaming tournaments with payouts worth millions. He’s also often pictured with expensive sports cars. But get this, he can’t even drive yet! His real name is Patrick and his real age is 12. That’s right, young Patrick is not even a teenager and is already signed to the competitive esports organization known as Faze Clan.

But now, his career might be slowing down because of his age. Within fellow Fortnite Star “Tfue” Turner Tenney’s lawsuit against Faze Clan over unfair contracts, H1ghSky1’s true age was revealed when Turner claimed that Patrick was only eleven when he first signed a contract with Faze Clan, according to TechSpot.

This news caused Epic Games to remove H1ghSky1 from the Fortnite leaderboards and ban him from entering tournaments until he is thirteen. He was attempting to qualify in the $30 million Fortnite World Cup Finals, according to Dexerto, but now he can’t even compete. Twitch also suspended his account, leaving Youtube as his only streaming option, but only with his mother’s supervision, as part of Youtube’s rules aligning with federal guidelines.  

“Okay, I’m back, I’m streaming on YouTube. My Twitch account was suspended due to me being underage. And yes, I am 12,” Patrick said in a quote published by TechSpot. “I only lied so I could fulfill my dream of being a streamer. It has been my dream for a long time, and I worked for a year and a half for it. I’m sorry that I lied.”

Faze Clan’s co-owner Ricky Banks denies claims that they broke the law by signing Patrick, calling his deal “bulletproof” when responding to tweets criticizing the organization. Currently, it is unclear if Patrick will remain a member of Faze Clan, but seeing as they are currently dealing with a loss of Tfue, they might not want to burn bridges too soon.

But not to worry, H1ghSky1 can spend his time on Youtube for now and when he turns 13, he can get back to his regularly scheduled Fortnite takedowns and making more money than most college graduates. Legal note to esports players: Don’t lie about your age.

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