SiriusXM Host Gets Justice for Defamatory Comments Made Against Him On A Neo-Nazi Website

Dean Obeidallah is a Muslim-American comedian who hosts a SiriusXM Radio show. He recently sued an operator of a neo-Nazi website for falsely accusing him of terrorism. On Wednesday June 12th, 2019, Obeidallah was awarded $4.1 million in monetary damages by a federal judge, according to NBC News

Andrew Anglin, the founder of the website, The Daily Stormer, has not responded to Obeidallah’s libel lawsuit and his whereabouts are unclear, according to NBC News. This is why last month, the Judge agreed to a default judgement that awards Obeidallah with $4.1 million. 

NBC News reported that Obeidallah praised the ruling, publishing this quote from Obeidallah, “That you're going to be held accountable in our court system if you try to smear people, and try to destroy their reputation because they speak out against your hateful ideology.” 

Anglin accused the comedian of being the “mastermind” behind the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, publishing an article about him in June of 2017. NBC News reports that Obeidallah started receiving death threats after the article, which included photoshopped Tweets about the terrorist attack that were made to look like they came from Obeidallah’s account. 

Anglin is an Ohio native who lives abroad. He claims to live outside the U.S. because of the death threats he’s received that make it too dangerous for him to travel, according to NBC News. Where he resides currently is still unknown. 

This is not the only case Anglin is being sued in. NBC News reports that he now is facing four federal cases with the possibility of default judgements. Two of the lawsuits stem from the victims of online harassment campaigns his site hosts. 

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