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Here at RM Warner Law, we measure our success through the number of problems we’ve helped our clients solve, not simply how many cases we’ve won. Your success is our success. Our practice sets the standard for Internet law and Ecommerce law, and our attorneys are experts in the focus of our field. We strive each day to serve you in the most effective and efficient way possible. We understand that every case is different and our personalized service is one of the many ways we stand out from the crowd. As we continue our growth and expansion within this ever changing industry, we invite you to take the journey with us.

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RM Warner is a unique boutique law firm that provides personalized services. Our focus areas combine traditional practices like Corporate litigation and transactional work with emerging areas like Internet Defamation and Social Media law in order to provide clients with the most well-rounded and relevant services to fit their needs.

Corporate Law

RM Warner lawyers handle a variety of business law matters effectively. We have helped thousands of start-ups, established businesses, and emerging entrepreneurs with transactional representation during their formation, growth, and sale phases of their business…..



As one of the first law firms in the country to concentrate on Internet defamation law and online trade libel, our attorneys have assisted thousands businesses and individuals with a myriad of online defamation challenges. We represent internet brands, founders, licensed professionals…..


E-Commerce Law

Working with Internet entrepreneurs and startups is one of our passions. Our e-commerce lawyers assist clients with launching their products and services on the internet and starting, and growing, their own e-commerce platforms. RM Warner represents e-commerce…..


Internet Law

Internet Law is an amalgamation of various areas of law. It includes both transactional work and litigation.RM Warner’s Internet law attorneys represent clients with addressing Internet defamation, cyber harassment, and online trade libel. We assist clients in preserving their professional……


Advertising Law

Online promotions of products and services must adhere to a litany of advertising related laws, including the Federal Trade Commission’s rules, Food and Drug Administration rules, and state laws. RM Warner represents advertisers, influencers with millions of followers, content creators, and media companies…..


Social Media Law

RM Warner attorneys keep up to speed on the laws and regulations that encompass social media as it continues to evolve into the primary means of interaction online.Social Media platforms are replacing billboards, TV stations, radio stations, board rooms, print media, and are home to billions…..




Top Defamation Defenses

Top Defamation Defenses

Are you being sued for defamation? Searching for a solid defense? We’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find six different defamation defenses that have worked in the past and may work for your case. Internet Defamation Defense #1: Truth Truth is an absolute defense for...

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